Se Alquila: Espacios en Centro the Negotios, Bavaro – Punta Cana


In a new and very modern 3-floors Business Center in Bavaro, Punta Cana, we have up to 3000 m2 office/commercial space available for rent.

The Business Center has been designed specificaly for companies and professionals. The Business Center has social areas on all floors, large bathrooms on all floors, modern elevators, and over 200 parking spaces for businesses located at the Center and their guests. Further the Business Center comes with a shared reception area,  WiFi, a luxury board room and VIP Entry. Definitely a state of the art Business Center that offer companies and their employees a great place to work in, an environment that creates confidence with their customers, and facilities that are fully up to the mark.

The building is situated in the econmic heart of the region, directly at the Boulevard Touristico Del Este, at 15 min of Punta Cana Airport, and close to hotels, businesses and residential areas.
The building contains 53 modules of various sizes which easily can be combined to
the workspace of your choice, and provide posibility for future growth.

Business continuity is warranted via central control of environment and installations, and two powerplants. Safety via closed circuit surveillance, 24/7 and fire exits,

Price:  19 US$ / m2

Price may vary depending on  m2 rented and contract duration.


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