Introduction ComConnect

ComConnect is a boutique consulting firm, specialized in the establishment, development and transformation of businesses in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

Globalization has brought many opportunities, changes and new businesses to our region. It is our mission to put our knowledge, experience and network in the region, at the disposition at those parties that want to invest and grow their business in this part of the world. A win/win for both the region, as well as the parties we work for.

Landing a business in the Caribbean, like in any other place, requires an in-depth understanding of the environment. We have applied the startup accelerator concept to the principle of landing a business. ComConnect will basically manage the environment on your behalf, so you can focus 100% of your time and energy on the aspects that are core to your products and/or services.

Finding , and more important, effectively converting opportunities into actual revenue, requires market intelligence and understanding of customer/consumer buying behavior. We translate your value proposition into a localized go-to-market strategy, and use our network to create the first entries, in order to speed up the growth of your business.

In today’s market it is a must that companies re-invent themselves on a regular basis. To ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition we help our customers to innovate and transform themselves, applying latest developments in technology, communication and marketing.

Combining your market leadership with our thought leadership, is the best and fastest road to succes!

Our Team

Our team can be best characterized by one word: Diversity.  We come from different nations, speak our languages, have different cultures and different business backgrounds. Diversity will bring you the best of many worlds.

We have lived your business culture and will well integrate with you organization and people.

Our ability to understand your business, is at least as important as your understanding of the environment you are going to operate in. Our team has hands-on experience in every industry vertical , with solid understanding of the typical products and/or services in your industry, and the specific business models you exercise.

Our expertise stretches across the following domains: Legal, Tax, Finance, Trade, Sales, Marketing, HRM, ICT and Management. This way we are able to guide you in any area needed, in order for you to successfully reach you objectives.

ComConnect (ComConnect, S.R.L.) was founded in 2013, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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