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Claudia Mejia Ricart - ComConnect team

Dra. Claudia L. Mejia Ricart

Co-founder & Director

Meet Claudia Mejia Ricart, Director at Comconnect..
Claudia is a Dominican national and a senior lawyer, with over 20 years experience in International Business and Commercial Law, International Trade and Arbitration.

Claudia has a doctorate from UNIBE in International Business and Commercial Law, and has represented both the private and public sector in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean in commercial agreements, free trade agreements, WTO matters and investments.

Through the years, Claudia has developed a wide national and international network, with industries, governments and institutions. Her network has opened doors for many businesses, and has helped resolving challenges in a smooth way.

Thanks to her participation in the establishment of free trade agreements, and as a result of her negotiations with the WTO and other institutions, Claudia has served many industries organizing their business in the most effective way, maximizing their opportunity in the market.

Phone: +1(809)-849-6344
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Hans Witsenboer

Co-founder & Director

Meet Hans Witsenboer, Director at Comconnect..
Hans is a Dutch national, senior executive and industry veteran, with over 20 years of experience in Business and Information Technology.

Hans has a Master’s in Information Technology from Technical University Twente in the Netherlands, and has worked with some of the leading global software and IT services companies like Oracle, Texas Instruments and  Infosys, contributing to phenomenal growth, results and customer satisfaction.

He has proven to be a truly global citizen, effectively leading his teams across many locations in the world. Hans has guided many clients and business partners in their IT and/or business transformation processes, to assure that they benefit most from a changing world. Combined with his in-depth knowledge and passion for technology, this has made him a trusted advisor at many of his relationships.

Phone: +1(849)-353-6344
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photo Natalia

Natalia Mejía Ricart

Director of ComConnect Real Estate

Meet Natalia Mejía Ricart, Director of ComConnect Real Estate….
Natalia is Dominican, has a degree in Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and an MBA in Estrategic Managment from Belgrano University, Argentina.

Related to the world of sales since 1997, Natalia has 12 years experience in the real estate market nationwide. Listings include beachfront properties and for touristic porpouses, for agriculture, livestock and energy purposes, throughout the country; Luxury homes in Santo Domingo and luxury second homes in major tourist destinations in the country; La Romana, Punta Cana, Bavaro and Samana.

In 2013 she joined the ComConnect to locate those companies and individuals who start their investments and businesses in Dominican Republic.

Since then, she has worked with commercial and residential locations for dozens of companies and their families who start or relocate in the country.

Her professionalism and market knowledge have made the customer experience effective and pleasant.



Steve Shepherd

Sr. Consultant

Meet Steve Shepherd, sr. consultant at Comconnect..
Steve is a UK national and an International Financial Consultant with over 15 years in-depth experience in financial consultancy, sales and marketing.

After studying Business Economics at the University of Leicester, he has started to work in the financial services industry with a private brokerage firm, and over the years he has been working in the banking industry with Banco Santander and some of the largest financial consultancy firms in the UK. Before leaving the UK Steve has been directing a Franchise Division of one of the largest independent financial consultants in the UK.

After moving from the UK to the Dominican Republic in 2008, he has continued to excel within financial consultancy in the offshore markets, and continues to provide consultancy to businesses and individuals in the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America.

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Viktor Rodriguez Silva

Sr. Consultant

Meet Viktor Rodriguez Silva, sr.consultant at Comconnect..
Viktor is a Dominican national and an International Consultant with over 15 years in-depth experience in International Trade counseling for businesses, Trade Development and International Market Research.

Viktor has a Masters’ in Business Administration and an MBA from PUCCM in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From 2001 until 2005 Viktor has been a International Trade Negotiator (Free Trade Agreements on Agriculture). In 2006 he founded Servicios de Consultoría Global (SCG). With SCG Viktor has focused on International trade counselling for business, Trade development, International market Research, and Food Safety Systems in the Dominican Republic

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